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Hi, i'm clare...

I'm a mama to a 3-year old wild-one, a wellness advocate, doTERRA essential oil leader, and embracer of all things that bring me closer to my true, inner Self.

As founder of the 'Soulful Mama' tribe, I'm passionate about sharing my journey as a Mama, working my best at conscious parenting. A huge part of that, in fact, the main aspect of that, is working on myself. Sure I've been on a path of self-discovery for a long time, but giving birth to a tiny human was a spiritual awakening for me. I have learnt more about my true self and shed more BS that wasn't really me since becoming a mum than ever before. Our children can teach us more about ourselves than the other way round. I honestly believe that. 

A few of may favourite ways to continually work on my own stuff and face my own shadow is through meditation and daily chakra cleansing, practicing presence (even if I feel like I'm often failing at it), and using beautiful tools that Mama Earth so wonderfully provides for us like pure essential oils. I also love working with the moon phases, listening to the flow of my own inner energy, and enlisting support from a wonderful kinesiologist and other energy workers.  

If you've found me, then I believe it was no coincidence, that somewhere inside you realise that you are the light in this often dark and chaotic world. That working on yourself, facing your own shadowy self (yes, even us beautiful beacons of light have shadowy sides!) is the only way to grow and align with your soul and become your best self. Escapism and spiritual bypassing will not get you far. So please, check out my blog, or read more about my beautiful love for the pure little bottles of plant magic otherwise known as essential oils, and come join my tribe if it calls to you. 

Some other random facts about me:
I'm married to my high school sweetheart, I have a Bachelor of Applied Science in Food & Nutrition, I currently also work in the Justice system, I'm an actor, I love good coffee, pilates, yoga, connecting with mama earth, and having deep conversations with folks who are on a similar journey and ready to dig a little deeper rather than blaming their circumstances on everyone else ;-) 

Clare xx